Hand-in-hand with a resurgence in DIY renovations has come an uptick in an already-popular home renovation choice: kitchens.

Today, ConstructionCopy is detailing common kitchen layout mistakes and how to avoid them, whether it’s scheduled to be your next DIY project or you’re already planning on turning to an expert. Without further ado, let’s start!

Kitchen Layout Mistake #1: Not Building Around Your Kitchen’s Natural Workflow

Let’s set the scene: your kids always beeline to the kitchen island first thing in the morning. Your spouse is buzzing between the stove and the pantry every weekday morning and evening. So why settle on a kitchen design that cramps those spaces or, worse, makes them obsolete?

While renovations as a whole tend to improve the streamlining of a space, due to the amount of appliances in a standard kitchen it’s vital to take your kitchen’s natural workflow into account when deciding what goes where. 

When in doubt, follow the “working triangle theory”, which explains that, in any successful kitchen, the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove should form a triangle for optimal workflow. 

Kitchen Layout Mistake #2: Ignoring Your Home’s Existing Character

Any designer worth their salt will encourage you to incorporate your home’s existing character into your upcoming kitchen reno to ensure that your kitchen’s new look isn’t out of place with the remainder of your household.

That’s not to say that you have to keep things all the same, however. In terms of kitchen renovation inspiration, splashbacks, sleek islands, elongated windows, and new lighting are all straightforward ways of elevating your kitchen’s look and functionality without making it at odds with your house’s general aesthetic.

Kitchen Layout Mistake #3: Underestimating Your Storage and Trash Needs

Clutter is the enemy of any sophisticated kitchen design. That’s why underestimating your storage and trash needs makes our list as the last (but certainly not least) common kitchen renovation pitfall that homeowners currently fall into.

A key tip? To make an inventory of everything you will want to store in your new kitchen. This includes crockery, chopping boards, appliances, plates, cutlery, cups, fancy China, pantry items… jot them all down and prioritize functionality while designing your new kitchen space.

Inventive ways to maximize storage space in your kitchen include:

  • Converted closets
  • Artful displays
  • Hanging cutting boards and applicable cutlery
  • Adding drawers to your island

What Do You Have Planned For Your Upcoming Kitchen Reno?

Be sure to drop us here at ConstructionCopy a line to let us know if you’ll be implementing any of today’s tips.