Craving the warm waters of Hawaii or the rolling, crystalline landscapes of Switzerland? 

Regardless of whichever dream vacation you’re envisioning, our recommendation here at ConstructionCopy is to forget booking an Airbnb and instead consider the following home design tips to give your home a ‘staycation feel’ for vacation-worthy time-off all year long!

Staycation Tip #1: Refresh Your Deck

Nothing says “time off” like soaking up the sun on a deck… that isn’t riddled with splinters, old furniture, and accumulated mildew.

Here are our recommendations for sprucing up your deck in time for summer:

  • Thoroughly clean and bleach its surface for instantaneous shine
  • A few days later, apply a fresh layer of stain and sealer
  • Consider retiring some of your older pieces of deck furniture (after all, even 1 – 2 new pieces will go a long way in making your deck look brand-new!)

If these tips aren’t cutting it, take a look at your deck’s surroundings. Are they too sparse? Over-landscaped? Too cluttered with furniture or decor? Sometimes even the smallest of tweaks can go a long way. (Some of our favourites include hanging up a new hammock, installing a water feature, or even simply laying down some new grass!) 

Staycation Tip #2: Lighten Up the Basement

Have a basement that simply isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Consider lightening it up.

One of the most budget-friendly home design tips to give your home a ‘staycation feel’ is adjusting the lighting.

Lighting can work to make a small space feel roomier and even change the atmosphere of a room. By focusing on lightening up what is traditionally the darkest room of any traditional house, even the most underwhelming of basements can be converted into a space suited to your staycation needs.


  • Select your lighting depending on what you want out of the space. Looking for the ultimate relaxation den? Opt for cooler lighting with a toggle feature to control the brightness. Daydreaming about a games room that would put a hotel rec room to shame? Choose warm lighting with lots of additional natural light options
  • Depending on how much room your basement has, consider utilizing a variation of overhead lights, side lamps, and natural light options to permit for a consistently well-lit space
  • Weigh up an eye-catching lighting fixture to act as the focal point of the room (and provide the majority of the light!)

Staycation Tip #3: Think About Colour

When was the last time your home had a new coat of paint?

For many of us, vacations are less about the destination and more about a much-needed change in scenery… which is why adding a new (or simply fresh!) coat of paint onto the walls can be a home reno option that is as straightforward as it is budget-friendly.

(And if paint isn’t your thing? We recently penned an article on when to know if wallpaper is right for you.)

As with the other tips on this list, Houzz is a one-stop shop for those looking for home reno inspiration. Find wall paint ideas, exact shades, and professional painters in your area all in one place!

Which of These Home Reno Tips to Give Your Home a ‘Staycation Feel’ Will You Be Trying First?

Drop your results in the comments section below!