As we here at ConstructionCopy have explored in one of our previous blogs, smart ideas for small-space living are abundant… if you look for them!

Today, we are sharing our top three tips for specifically how to make the most of your small living room.

Tip #1: Add Depth With Decor

The key to decorating a small living room without cluttering the minimal space you have available is to add depth with decor

Adding depth can look like the following:

  • Drawing the eye upwards by decorating your vertical spaces with art and general wall decor, thereby giving the illusion of an elongated room
  • Opting for sectionals vs. multiple pieces of furniture in order to keep the room uncluttered and streamlined
  • Trying out “invisible” decor such as transparent tables or shelves
  • Choosing multi-functional decor and furniture that include hidden cubby holes and shelves for items such as coasters or candleholders 

Tip #2: Embrace Windows and Say Goodbye to Rugs and Drapes

If you are blessed with any kind of view outside, we recommend to embrace windows and say goodbye to rugs and drapes.

Why? Because the excess of rugs and drapes can make the room feel more enclosed, whereas windows can work to make the room feel bigger by letting in natural light and giving the illusion of added space.

If your living room is facing a direction that makes privacy key (such as a highway or a neighbouring house), we would advise opting for cloth blinds or long-bar window frames to keep your walls light and airy.

Tip #3: Keep Things Light

While dark splashes of colour in the form of art or furniture may make a stylish contrast, small living rooms should opt for lighter wall and ceiling colours in order to trick the eye into viewing it as larger than it is in actuality due to lighter colours blurring the boundaries between walls and ceilings.

Top wall colour choices for small living rooms include:

  • White
  • Light gray
  • Blush-pink
  • Off white 
  • Beige

Looking for further tips on how to convert your small living room into a space that feels expansive and welcoming? The ConstructionCopy team is here to help. Reach out today.