Looking for how to set up your Houzz ideabook to prep for your renovation? Getting it right the first time may be trickier than you think.

Today, we here at ConstructionCopy.com are outlining our most actionable steps for setting up your Houzz ideabook (and why it matters!)

What is Houzz?

Hailed as an “all-in-one business solution for home professionals”, Houzz is a website and online community dedicated to home improvement, landscape design, interior design, decorating, and architecture. 

With over 17 million users, Houzz’s main page is separated into for-sale products separated by department, local professionals to contact, room-specific design ideas, blogs, and design styles (such as eclectic, beach style, and traditional.) While it’s description may sound similar to Pinterest, its functionality for both professionals and amateur home renovators go far beyond simply providing inspiration. 

What is a Houzz Ideabook and Why Does it Matter for My Renovation?

Put simply, a Houzz ideabook is an online leaflet where you can save specific renovation design inspiration, related how-to guides or blogs, viable home service professionals, furniture or products, Houzz chat discussions, general notes, or other details pertaining to your upcoming reno. 

Why do we recommend you create a Houzz ideabook for your upcoming renovation?

  • At-a-glance design inspiration (perfect for sharing with your collaborators or service professional instead of having to verbally explain your vision!)
  • A direct link for buying products and furniture online
  • Easy-to-reference guides and discussions from professionals or home reno amateurs who have done similar renovations
  • The details and contact information of relevant professionals vs. having to sort through Google results
  • Trustable reviews from previous renovation clients

Essentially? Creating a Houzz ideabook allows you to have all of your relevant bookmarked information and inspiration all in one place, accessible (and shareable to others) at the click of a button.

How to Set Up Your Houzz Ideabook to Prep for Your Renovation

  1. Create a Houzz profile.
  2. At the top right corner of the home page, select “My Profile” and then “My Ideabooks” from the subsequent drop-down menu.
  3. After clicking on the “plus” sign that will appear, give your ideabook a name (we recommend the name of the space you’re renovating followed by the date)
  4. Share your new ideabook with your collaborators or service professional by entering their email into the “Get feedback from family, friends, and pros” prompt that will appear.
  5. Using the search bar along the top of the page, search for relevant photos, blogs, comments, products, professionals, or videos that you can then save using the “Save” feature that will appear if you hover your mouse over the content.
  6. (Bonus! Once a piece of content is saved, a white box will appear. Don’t skip this! This is for adding comments; the more specific you are about why you saved the content now, the faster you’ll be able to apply it once you begin your reno.)
  7. Start fleshing out your ideabook to your heart’s content. Whether you are a professional or an amateur home renovator, having your collaborators, inspiration, and purchasing links all in one place simplifies your reno process before you’ve even started!

Reach out to us today to let us know how your first (or next!) Houzz ideabook came along, and how it helped with your reno.