The best summer flowers for your home. How can you pick flowers to plant that complement your home’s size, architecture, and existing style?

Here is ConstructionCopy’s top list of low-maintenance, undoubtedly gorgeous summer flowers that are sure to jazz up your home.

For If You Want a Garden Buzzing With Activity: Hibiscus

Well-documented as one of the most vibrant flowers that can be integrated into even a beginner garden, hibiscus flowers are characterized by their trumpet-shaped blooms and myriad colours.

They frequently attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife, making it the perfect flower option for those who want a garden buzzing with activity.

Gardening tip: it should be noted that hibiscus flowers require ample water and fertilizer while blooming. If your lifestyle is on-the-go, we would highly recommend installing a water timer to ensure that it doesn’t get too parched.

For If You Want to Preserve the Fruits and Vegetables In Your Garden: Marigolds

Ranking high on DIY Network’s list of “Easy Annual Plants That Bloom All Summer Long”, marigolds enjoy long days in the sun and dry soil, making them applicable for both apartment gardens with smaller pots at play or gardens that receive little-to-no shade.

Marigolds biggest boon, however, is their ability to help repel insects and general pests. If you’re someone who enjoys having fruits and vegetables interwoven into their flower gardens (or gardens made up primarily of fruits and vegetables), marigolds are easily planted around and in between fruits and vegetables to shield them from potential harm.

Gardening tip: Marigolds come in a range of heights, ranging all the way from a few centimetres high to a couple of metres high. It’s advised to talk to your local gardening experts about which height of marigold would best suit your existing garden.

For If You Want a Summer Flower That Can’t Be Killed: Snapdragons

A strong butterfly attraction, snapdragons are a beginner gardener’s dream due to its resilience.

Able to withstand even the harshest of spring, autumn, and summer weather, snapdragons grow best in the full sun with frequently-dampened soil. Both expert and beginner gardeners alike will also appreciate their heavy, versatile blooms, which come in colours like yellow, purple, orange, red, and pink.

Gardening tip: While having a slightly bitter taste, snapdragon petals are actually edible! At your next dinner, wow guests with a snapdragon garnish for instant flair and sophistication.

Are Any of These Flowers Going to Become Mainstays of Your Summer Garden?

Contact us to let us know how these summer flowers ended up being the cherry on top of your summer decor and/or exterior renovation projects. Nothing ties the look of a house together like a well-maintained garden!