With summer comes the itch to hop on the hottest backyard renovation trends in 2021 and beyond.

Today, we here at ConstructionCopy are detailing our top must-try exterior renovation ideas to jazz up your garden, pool, and/or barbeque area.

Pinterest-Inspired Patios

Patios are, as always, a popular choice as the leader of backyard renovation trends in 2021 and beyond.

Whether you’re going the DIY route or have selected a designer to help with your renovation process, we recommend heading to Pinterest for before-and-afters, general furniture inspiration, layout ideas, and photos of mistakes that you can then avoid when going about your own patio renovation.

Some of the top trends for patios right now include:

  • Multifunctional patio sets to maximize space
  • Playing with furniture patterns
  • Modern fire pits for a sophisticated flair
  • Integrating greenery into patio decor

Have you considered any number of these to jazz up your patio space?

Functional Gardens

Gone are the days when gardens were solely for aesthetics: now, particularly for apartment-dwellers or those in small homes, functional gardening is all the rage.

Resilient fruits and vegetables that have become mainstays of functional gardens include tomatoes, peppers, lemons, strawberries, mint, lettuce, and arugula.

While requiring little-to-no maintenance, these fruits and vegetables can be easily included in a pre-existing garden of any size without sacrificing aesthetics. After all, who doesn’t love more pops of colour when it comes to gardening?

Keeping Things Cool With Sun-Repellent Features

Depending on your location, sun-repellent features may be a staple of your outdoor renovation plans.

Houzz offers visual examples of the many ways in which these features can be integrated without sacrificing style. To us here at ConstructionCopy, the following are the most streamlined ways of cutting down on sun:

  • Including at least one outdoor area that is shaded
  • Opting for light-coloured roofing
  • Integrate water features to cool the surrounding air

Have Any Of These Backyard Renovation Trends Inspired Your Next Project?

We here at ConstructionCopy are proud to work with professionals in the home renovation and construction spaces. That means that we love to keep our finger on the pulse of the different kinds of renovations that are trending in 2021 and beyond.

Have any of these backyard renovation trends inspired your next project? Drop us a line today to let us know.