What should you expect when working with a bathroom designer?

Whether it will be your first time or you are looking for this upcoming collaboration to go more smoothly than the first, the ConstructionCopy team has pinpointed the non-negotiables for having your bathroom renovation be seamless. 

Step #1: Expect to Educate Yourself On What You Want

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Having a springboard of ideas for your bathroom designer to work off of will not only quicken the process, but will also serve to get you closer to your ideal vision on the first try.

To do this, bookmark this checklist to run through as you are deciding on your bathroom renovation’s end-goal:

  • “What is my budget?”
  • “What is my time frame?”
  • “What are my ‘must-haves’?”
  • “What are my ‘can-do-withouts’?”
  • “What are my ‘hard-no’s’?”
  • “What do I need to ask for clarification about?”
  • “What do I want a professional’s opinion on?”
  • (If applicable) “What aspects of previous bathroom renovations that I have been a part of do I want to either emulate or steer clear of this time around?”

The benefit of this is to let your bathroom designer’s expertise shine. By providing them with a solid idea of your wants, needs, and questions, you arm them with the necessary tools to deliver the bathroom design of your dreams.

Step #2: Expect to Make Your Checklist Visual

Transcribing your thoughts into words can be difficult when it comes to bathroom design. However, you can make this easier on both yourself and your bathroom designer by using a platform like Houzz.

A free social media platform dedicated to home improvement inspiration, online shopping for both exterior and interior design, and providing a directory of local professionals for homeowners looking to renovate, Houzz provides a unique opportunity to build what they call “Ideabooks”.

Easy to use and even easier to share via email, Ideabooks permit users the chance to save specific items, inspirational photos, or professional’s contact details to projects that they can then easily reference. When going through the checklist outlined in the section above, we here at ConstructionCopy strongly suggest combining it with a Houzz Ideabook to ensure that your bathroom design vision gets realized/

Bathroom renovation

Step #3: Expect to Learn More About Bathroom Design

Unless you are a bathroom designer yourself, expect to learn more about bathroom design.

While you may have a visual eye for designing this particular room, bathroom designers factor in:

  • The size of your family 
  • Any existing or anticipated physical challenges you or your family want to account in the design
  • The frequency of the room’s use
  • The general layout of the space and which rooms it is connected to
  • Standard considerations such as drywall, electrical, plumbing, tiling, and flooring

We recommend to take advantage of their expertise and learn their thought process in order to apply it to future renovations.

What Do You Wish You Knew About Working With a Bathroom Designer for the First Time?

Contact us today to let us know if you’ll be applying these steps the first time you work with a bathroom designer.