What to know before starting a kitchen renovation: whether you have already done one and want to know how to be equipped for the next time or are gearing up to start your first kitchen reno, listed below are three things to consider to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Reference Houzz for Inspiration

Regardless of if you are working with a designer or are doing it on your own, having tangible design references on-hand will simplify your process and help any collaborators understand your vision without having to rely on your depiction of it (which, if done verbally, is up to interpretation!)

Enter Houzz, an “all-in-one business solution for home professionals.” In essence, Houzz is a website and online community centered around home improvement, landscape design, decorating, architecture, and interior decorating… with an entire kitchen renovation section at your fingertips!

Houzz is separated into for-sale products, local professionals, design ideas, and blogs. Utilize their “Ideabooks” feature to bookmark design inspiration, specific products, and/or the contact information of local professionals for an all-in-one reference point!

Determine Your Add-Ons Vs. Your Must-Haves

Once your initial inspiration and vision for your kitchen renovation has been cemented, next comes arguably the most important decision regarding your reno: what are your add-ons vs. your must-haves?

Even if a concrete budget has not been set, determining what your add-ons are vs. your must-haves can help to prevent your renovation from looking cluttered and becoming drawn-out. Ask yourself the following questions in order to separate each item:

  • Do I have a budget for this renovation? If so, what is it?
  • Do you plan on moving in the foreseeable future? If so, which appliances or items would add to the value of the home? 
  • What is your envisioned flow for the room? Which appliances or items will help or hinder this? Which will have no impact?
  • Which items or appliances are pre-existing that you currently do not need to update or replace?

kitchen renovation tips

Consider Working Alongside a Professional

Depending on the length and intensity of your kitchen renovation, consider working alongside a kitchen reno professional.

A professional kitchen renovator (or renovator team) can help to:

  • Guarantee that you are insured against any potential damages that occur during the renovation due to their liability insurance 
  • Get the job done more quickly if you are on a deadline
  • Provide licensed, qualified advice if you are new to kitchen renovations or are less skilled in certain areas (such as design or plumbing)
  • Hunt for bargains on appliances and/or items
  • Identify potential problem areas that the untrained eye may miss

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